ADC2-02 Aircraft Deicing/Anti-icing Recurrent Training for Commercial Aviation and Central/Remote Facilities



Course prerequisite

ADC1-01 Aircraft Deicing/Anti-icing Training for

Commercial Aviation and Central/Remote Facilities before enrolling in this course.

Overview and learning objectives

This course is designed for ground handling staff to validate their required knowledge of industry

(Transport Canada, FAA, and the EASA) requirements and best practices for the deicing/anti-icing of aircraft on the ground.

This course further confirms and validates operator key processes, knowledge, and procedures to safely and efficiently provide aircraft de-/anti-icing services.

The purpose of this course is to:

  • Provide current and relevant de-/anti-icing standards and requirements.
  • Confirm and update current deicing crew members’ skills.
  • Provide service providers training flexibly as to the when and how.
  • Enable companies to maintain full compliance with current industry regulations, best practices and recommendations.
  • Course participants will be required to pass a comprehensive written exam before obtaining the de-/anti-icing course re-certification certificate.

Key topics highlighted

  • Refresh winter operations overview, methodology and deicing services
  • Continued compliance with regulatory standards, requirements, and recommendations
  • Remaining familiar with environmental impact, irregularity reporting and general communication procedures