ADC1-01 GHA Deicing Training Program

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Overview and learning objectives

This course is designed for ground handling staff to obtain the required knowledge of industry (Transport Canada, FAA, and the EASA) requirements and best practices for the Deicing/Anti-Icing of aircraft on the ground.

This course aims to provide all key processes, knowledge, and procedures to safely and efficiently provide aircraft de-/anti-icing services.

The purpose of this course is to 

  • Provide current and relevant de-/anti-icing standards and requirements.
  • Confirm knowledge transfer and competence for new employees or refresh and update current deicing crew members’ skills.
  • Provide service providers training flexibly as to the when and how.
  • Enable companies to maintain full compliance with current industry regulations, best practices and recommendations.
  • Course participants will be required to pass a comprehensive written exam before obtaining the de-/anti-icing course certificate.

Key topics

  • Winter operations overview, methodology and deicing services
  • Comply with regulatory standards, requirements, and recommendations
  • Equipment characteristics and solutions
  • Become familiar with environmental impact, irregularity reporting and general communication procedures

This course is designed for

  • Front line De-/anti-icing operators staff, deicing agency supervisors and interested carrier quality audit staff

Course Duration

This course was designed to be completed within 2 days.

Course Module Subject Headings

Module 1 – Deicing Program Scope

Module 2 –  Communications – a Critical Safety Element

Module 3 –   Hazards of Frost, Ice, Snow & Slush on Aircraft Surfaces

Module 4 –   Hold Over Time Guidelines

Module 5 –  Deicing and Anti-icing Fluids

Module 6 –  Deicing Crew Member Safety

Module 7 –  Remote Deicing Facility Operations

Module 8 –  Aircraft Deicing Process and Procedures

Module 9 –  Alternate Deicing Procedure Without Fluids

Module 10 – Post Deicing Inspection Procedures

Module 11 –  Emergency and Environmental Procedures

Module 12 – Drawings of Aircraft Types Spray and No Spray Zones