EMA2-01 Environmental Training Carbon Offset, Reduction & Neutrality for the ACT Green Fund Joint Venture – Airline Thought Leaders & Environmental Executives

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Course Description

This training program provides knowledge on the environmental impacts and mitigation of the aviation sector for airlines and background information relevant to the impact of airlines on the environment and the roles and responsibilities of government and non-government organizations to mitigate these impacts. It provides recommendations for how to successfully mitigate environmental impacts of airlines, regulators, manufacturers and aviation fuel providers.β€― 

This training program for airlines centers around reforestation to lead to carbon neutrality for the aviation industry and provide information for relevant parties on how to reach carbon neutrality by combining carbon reduction and offsetting.β€―The recommendations of this program are to implement carbon reduction via biofuels from forest waste paired with offsetting carbon via reforestation, as it has many carbon sequestering and carbon reducing benefits. 

On the completion of this training program, you will learn:

  • Carbon offsetting and reduction for carbon neutrality and main features of such programs
  • Universal environmental standards for airlines 
  • Environmental impacts of airline operations 
  • Carbon reduction for airlines
  • Sustainable aviation fuels for airlines 
  • Carbon offsetting for airlines through reforestation 
  • Recommended solutions for airlines going carbon neutral 
  • Environmental responsibilities of regulators, organizations, insurance companies, and fuel suppliers

Course Duration

This course is designed to be completed within 1 day.