EMG1-01 Environmental Best Practices Training – Glycol Mitigation and Recovery

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Course Description

The purpose of this training program is to train employees and provide knowledge of the standardization of safety operating procedures regarding the operations, maintenance, and service application of glycol deicing on an aircraft. This training program will mainly focus on how to mitigate environmental impacts of deicing by preventing and responding to fuel spills to reduce risks of environmental contamination. 

On the completion of this training program, you will learn:

  • What is deicing and anti-icing
  • Environmental impacts of deicing
  • Roles and responsibilities of the deicing team
  • Deicing training
  • Deicing safety
  • How to deal with deicing spills
  • Operating procedures
  • Fluid management
  • DDF Emergency Action Plan

Course Duration

This course is designed to be completed within 2 days.